Fresh Start Programs Client Reviews

Hello. My name is **** . I'm taking this time to let all those that suffer the terrible life of addiction, there is actually a program out there that works!! Thank God!! After years of drug and alcohol addiction and going thru the revolving door cycles of Rehab after Rehab , and then always returning to the addictions I desperately was trying to overcome, I was entered into a program my brother found. My ability to make good choices had stopped long ago, and I was at the lowest point of life. Drug and Alcohol addiction had destroyed my marriage, was the cause of losing Job after Job, my house, family and friends GONE. My health Gone. I had lost everything and the next step was death. Despite doing endless NA, AA, 12 step programs, I had failed, failed, failed. Fortunately for me my brother would not give up and found a program which was different. It actually addressed the physical , mental and emotional aspects of addiction in a comprehensive manner and one in which I actually participated in my recovery and not just listening to "War Stories". This program is FRESH START. After the total cleansing of the body of ALL toxins, jumping buildings in a single bounce and feeling like a million bucks, I was exposed for the first time to a logical, comprehensive , and effective program that resulted in a completely reinvigorated, motivated, productive member of society again!! . Thanks to FRESH START I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been and will be forever indebted to all the care, compassion *** knowledge received. If you or a loved one need a program that works contact FRESH START

-John W

I started drinking back in my teenage years, and it turned into a lifelong problem! Legal issues, divorce, family cut me off! I always blamed my circumstances for my drinking. I figured I would, or could stop when life started getting better. After multiple rehabs, trying to "figure it out", I came to Fresh Start. This program showed me that I was responsible for my situation! That my decisions, and choices led me to the point I am at now. Once I began to take responsibility for my actions, with the help of the staff there, I began to see that my choices DID directly affect my actions! That I could fix damage I had done, and could learn to make better choices, sober. That was 5 years ago, and I'm still making positive choices. When I do make small mistakes, I take responsibility for my error, fix it and learn from it before it becomes a bigger problem I thank the program, and staff for giving me the tools I needed.

-Eric H

Before I came to Fresh Start, my life was a disaster. I had been struggling with addiction for about ten years, and had gone to quite a few 12 step treatment centers. I got to the point where I was homeless, had lost everything, including a fiancé to an overdose, and was sick of living the life that I was living. That was when my parents found Fresh Start. I came here broken and believing that I would never get better, since nothing had worked in the past. I got all the residual toxins out of my body, learned how to stay in the moment and not stress about the past. I got to confront issues in my life with family and friends I have hurt, and mend those relationships. I really got to take a look at myself and I started believing and knowing that I wanted to be better. I'm grateful every day for the opportunities Fresh Start has given me, and all I want now is to help other people like myself give themselves a better life.

-Gabriela M

I've been on heroine and meth for over 10 years of my life its all I've ever known. I came to Fresh Start in March 2016 and i was terrified to come off the Drugs I didn't know how to function without drugs or how to act without drugs. From the very start they made me feel comfortable, no judgments and most importantly they had patients. After a month of their sanua program i felt like i was 21 again. I came in with bad acne and extremely dry skin. I couldn't believe how good and healthy i looked and felt. When i finished my whole program i decided to go back to school, its going to be 3 years of sobriety in March and i have a career and I am going back to school full time. Im finally living like I deserve to live. Happy and Healthy

-Vince L

I began abusing alcohol at the age of 18 and by age 24 I knew it was only a matter of time before my life would become unmanageable. I vividly remember a conversation I had with a few of my drinking buddies at this age where I stated that If I did not go to treatment by the time I was 30, I would likely be dead. Throughout the next 5 years my drinking and drugging became a living nightmare. I was using alcohol and drugs to cope with anxiety and emotions that I did not want to address, and did not want to confront as an adult. I did so much damage not only to myself, mentally and physically, but my loved ones as well who only wanted to see the best for me. I had dug myself into a hole that I had no idea how to get out of, and unfortunately had given up and resigned to the fact that I would likely die from the life I was living. In 2016 I awoke one morning to my Mother in my home asking me if she could speak to me. This was alarming, but I knew what it meant. I had to get help, and she presented me with an option that I knew that I needed. She told me about the Fresh Start program and I am so thankful she did, because I jumped on the opportunity to try and help myself. I arrived at Fresh Start a shell of a human. I was battered and bruised, and honestly didn't like myself very much. I remember arriving at the facility feeling hopeful, but very distraught. When I walked into the office and was greeted by the empathetic staff, I knew I had a chance, and that I was in the right place. I knew that I had to give this my all, because I was running out of options. Over the next several months I learned how to confront a myriad of different things. I had gotten in the habit of burying the things I felt, and it only did more damage. First I started working on my physical health. I started eating and sleeping again, and this made a huge difference in how I was feeling. I learned how to address the problems I had, and find out viable solutions and coping mechanisms. Now when I was presented with a situation that was stressful or potentially harmful, I could deal with it in a healthy manner. I learned how to find happiness in myself, without drugs and alcohol, and that made all the difference. Staying productive and actively working on myself was something that Fresh Start helped me with. They helped me regain control of my life, and for that I will be forever grateful. A lot of the leg work came from me, but I have no doubt in my mind that the staff at Fresh Start played an integral part in my recovery. Sometimes you just need a little bit a help, and I am so thankful that these individuals were there for me when I needed it the most.

-David H

I came from a good family. I grew up like most children that have loving parents. I pretty much had a care free happy life as a child. When I was in the 8th grade I began experimenting with weed and alcohol. At first it was a lot of fun, going to parties and getting high with friend. But even in the beginning my parents rightfully objected and tried in every way they could to stop me from drinking and smoking weed. I did not think that there was any danger to what I was doing, I was just having some fun. As time went on I started to do things like, skipping school, stealing money from my mom for weed. I started getting into trouble a lot but I did not want to stop. In the ninth grade was introduced to meth and instantly liked the effect of energy that it gave me. After about 2 month of using meth my life was spinning out of control. I dropped out of school, I was couch surfing with other meth addicts. Meth and everything that went with it, being in constant danger, trouble with the law etc. was now my entire existence. My mom and dad were actively trying to help me for seven years. But they had no clue of how to help me. During all those years I was a meth addict, they could not allow me to stay at their house because I would steal, lie and create a feeling of chaos for them. But they always talked to me about getting help by text and phone conversations. One day my mom and dad were given the number to Fresh Start Programs by family friends that had sent their son to the program for his addiction to heroin and it changed his life and their lives completely. My mom and dad called Fresh Start and liked what they heard but were not sure how to get me to go to the program. Fresh Start gave my parents the name of an intervention person and they set up an intervention. My dad sent me a text that he and my mom wanted to have lunch with me and I agreed. I went to meet them and they introduced me to Matt, the intervention person. When I realized it was an intervention I protested and caused a scene but Matt was very good at his job and after a while I agreed to go to Fresh Start. I am not going to say that it was easy to change my life because was not. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done but it was the greatest reward of my life. To be free again like I was before addiction. To be happy, successful and trust worthy again. To be in control of my life again. It is the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me and my family. Thanks mom and dad for not giving up on me, even when i have given up on myself. Thanks to all of the caring and loving staff at Fresh Start and Thank you Matt. I love you guys ***** H.

-Lanie H

I used drugs on and off for almost 30 years. The last 4 years of that I started using meth heavily. I lost my wife, my child, my job and I was quickly heading toward jail or death. I couldn't take it anymore. I reached out to my father who I had not spoken to in over 2 years and told him everything. He found 2 programs for me to attend. One was 10 minutes from where I was living and the other was the fresh start program in California. I knew if I went to the one near me that as soon as I got out I would be in the same environment and start using again. I was ready to get clean so I chose the Fresh Start Program. It is the one of the best decisions I have ever made to this day. Everyone was so friendly and understanding to what I was going through. They made me feel welcome and helped me through some tough times in rehab. Through techniques and practices they use there, I began to feel healthy and alive again. My mind became clearer and I truly started to feel like my normal self. I attended the Fresh Start Program 10 years ago and have been clean ever since. It saved my life.

-Jay F

Throughout my years of growing up i was always very successful and strived to do great things. As I got older my addiction started spiraled out of control. What started off as drinking on the weekends or smoking weed when it was available turned into doing whatever drugs or alcohol were in my sight. After some time I tried to do more of a drug or do harder drugs the numb the mental pain that comes with being on drugs. I thought that if I just did more or found something harder than I may be able to forget about the damage that I have caused myself and all of my loved ones. I was wrong. I ended up on the streets strung out on meth and heroin. I lost my family, my job, the good people in my life, and most of all myself. I wanted the help but didn't know exactly how to get myself out of the mess I put myself in until my mother found Fresh Start Programs. I arrived at Fresh Start broken down, ragged, and lost. The staff here welcomed me with open arms and made it very easy for me to transition into the new environment. They made my withdrawal smooth and easy without substituting the drugs with medications. They were very uplifting throughout my stay. They showed that they genuinely care about you which is hard to come by when looking for a rehab and they are very easy to relate to. For being my first rehab they made it to where it wasn't scary and I could actually be comfortable. I learned a lot of skills throughout my program that have helped aid in my success with long term sobriety. I have reconnected with my family and am now open and honest with them. I have a healthy relationship with my mother. I feel like myself again for the first time since I was thirteen. I laugh and have the energy to be active now. I truly feel like a whole new person and I can't thank Fresh Start enough for getting me back to this point.

-Amanda H

When I arrived at Fresh Start 2 years ago I had lost everything that was good in my life due to my addiction. I had been in several other treatment facilities that did have solve the problem I had created for myself through more than a decade of drug and alcohol abuse. I was hopeless about my plight and 99% certain I was not going to make it and that death would be the final chapter of my addiction. From the start of my stay at Fresh Start I had never felt such love and care outside of my direct family. Their individualized treatment method help me to understand the root cause of my addiction so that I final knew the things that had been hidden that I had to confront and resolve. They rehabilitated my true purpose and identity as a good person that had done bad things and they taught me how to fix my life. As I went through the body cleansing process my brain healed from the years of drug and alcohol abuse. for the first time in over a decade my mind was sharp and clear as it had been before drugs and alcohol. I no longer had any cravings or compulsions to seeks and use drugs or alcohol. I was free again and they taught me life and relapse prevention skills to stay that way. The greatest miracle of my life and my mom and dad was doing the Fresh Start Program. My family and I will never be able to thanks the amazing Staff of Fresh Start for literally saving my life. Much Love

-Brandon A

Years ago I came into this program to get my life back on track, and I am so thankful my Father found Fresh Start. I grew up in a very loving home with a good family, but there are things that happen in life you can't prepare for. Over several years my mother had been suffering from stage 4 bone cancer. I aided in caring for her trying my best to keep her comfortable and have what little enjoyment she could still have. When she passed ** 2007 it was heartbreaking, I also lost my friends, my girlfriend and ultimately myself that year. I was depressed and started smoking weed and drinking trying to forget. That only lasted so long until it progressed to pills, and then to an extremely heavy Oxycodone addiction. My life began to revolve around the next dose to feel better and forget, but no matter how full that pill bottle was, in the end it was empty just as my life had become. For years I continued down a destructive path working myself to death to keep the drugs coming, but one day I had finally had enough and told my Father what was going on and that I needed help. The next day, my dad and I were searching for treatment centers and then found Fresh Start. Their approach just made sense to me especially the sauna detox, I packed up and left to start the program. When I arrived I was warmly welcomed not just as a new client, but they made me feel like I was part of their family to be cared for and heal through this processes together. The sauna was amazing, in less then a week of sweating I began feeling relaxed and could feel my health, natural sleep, and energy returning. My outlook started to brighten and by the time I had finished sauna I felt clean and like a thick fog I had immersed myself into had been lifted. Going through the later steps of the program I could feel the negativity and subjective mindset I had been experiencing my life though changing back into excitement, enjoyment, and positivity working to build back up a life to be proud of. Investing time and effort to find and bring peace back into my life by going through the Fresh Start program was life changing, and one of the best decisions I have ever made . I now have 8 years sober and counting and would highly recommend Fresh Start if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction as I had.

-Jake C

I Sent my daughter here recently for Meth Addiction and the changes she has made are amazing... When I first discovered my daughter was Smoking Meth, I was extremely disappointed. She is a smart girl and I could not imagine why she would ever get involved in such a thing. She was very skinny, would consistently lie, was never home, and take my things to sell or pawn for more drugs. I had enough, and was not going to stand by and let this be her future. When I called Fresh Start they were very helpful and understanding of what we were both going through, and what was needed to stop it. I'm very pleased with our experience, she was treated like family and the staff were very patient and understanding. She is back on track to being the wonderful young woman I knew was always inside of her. Thanks for all you do.

-Kevin A

My name is Connor. I grew up in a loving home where I had freedom but not consequence if I made poor decisions. My parents always went out of their way to help me with anything I needed. I was a very curious kid and it carried over into my adolescence. I started drinking pretty heavily at about 15 and continued to try harder and harder forms of "escape" until at about 18 I tried heroin in the form of of intravenous use. I struggled with this addiction for 8 of the longest and hardest years of my life. After 5 other rehabs and a multitude of legal troubles, I decided to travel across the country and try something different! I came to Fresh Start with the weariness of an addict. But I was pleasantly surprised when all of the staff knew what I had been through and I could go to any of them for anything I needed. I have had my fair share of ups and downs while I have been at Fresh Start and not every day is easy, to think differently would be unwise to say the least. But all in all, it offers a different type of treatment that is more personalized, and everyone involved cares! I have gained a new family and best of all, I have a life again!

-Conner R

When I arrived at Fresh Start I was a wreck. I had been drinking for years, ruining my life, and destroying my body. Since being here I've gotten my life back on track. I'm physically healthy, in regular contact with my family, and I've developed strong positive relationships. I have a better outlook on life which for me is huge.

-Zach W

My rendezvous with drugs started when I was 12 years old. I soon found myself in heroins lap and basically anything else that was substantial enough to fill my voids. This started me out in a negative path leading to stealing and sneaking around to fund the downward spiral. After 14 years of use my parents saw my future was on the wrong path and other attempts of treatment had not been successful. When I came to Fresh Start I thought that nothing would be effective at turning my life around and that I was stuck always being an addict. When I was about halfway through the program I really started to see I could change and be a better, responsible, and a different persona. For the first time I was actually getting to know myself, the real me. My patience and appreciation of life in general became my new reality. The staff helped make this possible and if it wasn't for this place, this would have not been feasible. I learned how to live rather than just exist, and to take this journey day by day in continuing to discover what I'm made of.

-Nataly A

When I came to Fresh Start I was broken and falling apart in so many ways. I was a 24 hour drinker for the last 12 years and I was at the end of my rope. My marriage was failing, I couldn't work and my health was detiorating. I had been to other treatment centers twice before this and the 12-step program just did not work for me. It was a constant roller coaster of relapse and sobriety and I honestly could not take it anymore. That is when my parents and I looked for a different kind of program. One that is empowering and teaches you to deal with life on every level possible and that is when we found Fresh Start. During the months I was there I learned how to confront my issues, and I confronted them as difficult as they were. The staff are very caring and willing to help in any way but what I loved most is above all, they teach you to help yourself. The program shows you that you are stronger than the drugs that have destroying your life, your not a slave and you alone have the power to change. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work on my mind, body and spirit and I thank all the staff for helping me do so. I recommend Fresh Start for anyone dealing with a drug or alcohol problem that needs a second chance.

-Justin A

I came to fresh start about 2 yrs ago. I had been drinking and using meth most of my adult life. I had gotten a DUI and had to detox from alcohol in jail. I had no idea the affects of drinking were taking on my body - and life , until I had to sober up. I reached out for help. Two of my friends referred me to Fresh Start. They had both done the program and had been sober since! I was scared going to a new place all alone - feeling sick, however the staff were very attentive and easy to talk to. The sauna and vitamins made me feel better than I had for a very - very long time. Once my head cleared I was able to go into the mental and emotional part of my addiction. I really feel this program has saved my life ! The staff could all relate to my issues , and in that I felt no judgement. Thank you Fresh Start!

-Tiffany S

I had been in and out of jail and rehabs for a good 10+ years before my family found the Fresh Start Program in 2010. I was strung out on heroin, meth, and cocaine and quickly losing everything and everyone in my life. I hated who I had become but I had no way of stopping the train wreck that was my life. After almost losing my life my family stepped in to help me and sent me to Fresh Start. The program was unlike the all the other 12-step, faith based, disease model rehabs I had previously been to which really appealed to me. Additionally, the long term aspect was tremendously more beneficial than the traditional 28 day "spin cycles" that I had tried and failed before. The staff was amazing and they truly helped me identify the roots of my problems and overcome all the garbage that was constantly messing me up. I did a 92 day program and earned the recovery I had been looking for. Life after Fresh Start has been beautiful; a new career, 2 amazing children, a newfound sense of purpose and direction, and significantly improved relationships with my family. I love what my life looks like today and none of what I have accomplished would have been possible without the program and staff that saved my life at Fresh Start. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is serious about changing their life.

-Charles B

I came to this program about 2 years ago I was at rock bottom due to my dependence on alcohol I basically had nothing left fresh start programs gave me a chance to turn my life around and give me the tools to live a clean and sober life . I am grateful for this place and I am now able to live fully without needing a drink first thing in the morning.

-Patrick B

So many wasted years of drug addiction and failed programs. I wish I had found Fresh Start Programs sooner, but thank goodness I found it!

After 15 years hardcore meth use and multiple rehabs from low cost to $60K I was convinced there was no solution. My legal problems were piling up, my credit destroyed, my driver's license suspended, friends gone, and family backed away. It was an ugly situation. Now I am over 10 years sober with clean record, quality friends, and a family that complains only that I don't see them enough!

-Roger K

My experience at Fresh Start was an enlightening one. I attribute that to the program as well as major life events. I have gone up and down with failure and success in my life. Being addicted to heroin and the kinds of things I would justify to get it being of the lowest nature. Then, attending college and starting my own business were among the more encouraging points. I know that I did not have a childhood that should have produced a heroin addict. I was not without love or care from my parents. When I graduated high school, experimenting with prescription painkillers combined with a lack of education on the effects led me down a path that seemed "innocent" but turned out to be far from that. After four years I was a full blown heroin addict. In an attempt to save his son, my father chose Fresh Start for drug rehabilitation and life improvement. Although I was resistant in the beginning, after long enough off of any drug I realized that I wanted better for myself. There were staff members who had been through what I had and were inspirational role models to me. The program is a set of very logical and practical skills that seem unusual at first but once explained and practiced are honestly skills that nearly any person would benefit from. The environment was productive. There are schedules and boundaries which I benefited from very much after losing those skills in my life. I know that I have done the work to better myself. The ability to find my way was absolutely provided by Fresh Start. I owe a lot of my success to the life skills that I learned there. I am grateful and enlightened after my experience there.

-Tanner M

I started drinking when I was 12, had my first knee surgery when I was 15.. got hooked on pain pills, continued with pot, moved on to ecstasy, cocaine, mushrooms, acid, and finally got hooked on meth.. all while still being addicted to pain pills. I would drink, swallow pills, smoke meth in hopes that I could fill an emptiness within me. After about 15 years of using, I just couldn't stop; the drugs had taken over me and the addiction was too hard for me to stop on my own. My family was distraught and didn't know quite what to do until they found an answer. They contacted Fresh Start Programs and lined up an intervention. Shortly after, I was on a plane and on my way to treatment. It was a huge sense of relief because I knew I wouldn't last much longer at the rate I was going. I lost practically everything that meant anything to me. I felt like this was my out; I was able to escape from the darkness and rediscover my purpose in life, first by rediscovering me. It was a life changing process and the things I've regained from this program cannot be measured. Thank you so much for helping my family give them their daught back and thank you for helping me give me my life back!

-Megan N

I grew up In New England on a lake. Being raised as a latch door key child.I was bestowed many freedoms. My family reared me wonderfully, yet my freedoms I took too far. Stealing liquor from my parents cabinet and pooling it with my friends was, as I now know was my experimental stage. Marijuana was introduced and I tried that as well. This wasn't a problem early on. I maintained good grades, excelled at sports and music. I didn't see any consequence to my actions at the time. When College came, so did the increased use of booze and pot. Cocaine was introduced into my life at a weekend party. This is when I now can see my experimental stage turned into a sort of daily use. At the time I still couldn't see any consequence to my actions, and justified it all being fine as everybody around me was doing the same thing. In hindsight, I now see that some stopped;While I continued on. My having dropped out of school during my second year still wasn't enough for me to see that drinking and drugging was becoming my world. This is where I was introduced to a whole new level of use. This escalated to a point where I started spending a lot of my money on simply maintaining this cycle going to work, the bar, spending my money foolishly and putting other things aside. I recall a Friday night my friend and I could not find our cocaine and he said let's try something different and I didn't question him, he said trust me it's better than Coke. He came back with two packets containing very little amount of powder. Without questioning I opened it and with a rolled bill put to my face I sniffed the powder. It was the first time I had experienced heroin. This was the beginning of the end for me. My use went from a Friday night to a Friday, Wednesday night for cards. This then morphed into every day use it gave me energy. I didn't see any negative result from doing this, heck I was spending less money than on the cocaine.Without understanding what was happening to my body and mind I continued on for some months. It was only when I attended a Hall of Fame ceremony for Tom Seaver in upstate New York, I Realized there was a problem! I had gone on this excursion with a friend who had no clue about the secret I possessed. I didn't realize the extent of my problem until I tried to sleep that evening. I didn't bring any of my magic powder as I didn't know I was dependent upon it. I began experiencing withdrawal symptoms, was very anxious and agitated. I supplanted the lack of heroin for booze, this was unnoticed as my friend was a drinker. I made it through the weekend haggard and anxious to get back to Connecticut. My mind was preoccupied on getting some of my drug. I thought there was a problem at that point.I couldn't get past three days without being very sick. This started my quest to rid my body only of the sickness I'd developed. At the time all I wanted to do was get the sickness away. I found a state institution that would except me for free. I spent 11 days in a detox facility and was miserable. I tried a 90 day program at the same facility and jumped out a window after 66 days. I went right back to the city and found what my mind thought I needed. I continued to work with the same company. Keeping my same routine hoping I could "fix" my problem. My family began noticing my "problem" now had become an addiction. I went into 8 different treatment facilities. Some were sitting in groups whining about our woes and reading. Others were based on "survival"/ "team work" based theory. It wasn't until my sister and brother in law found the Fresh Start program that my world again breathed life. This program not only help clean my body free of drugs, it helped me clear my "stuck" mind of my cluttered "garbage". I finally saw myself for whom I truly am. A responsible,ethical and productive member of society. This program has helped me grow to a greater awareness of myself and those who surround me !

I cannot say enough as to how thorough and sincere the staff and those involved at Fresh Start truly are. Five stars folks. Thank you , Marty

-Marty F

Going to Fresh Start was the greatest, most life changing event in my lifetime and I want to share this with others in hopes that it may help others to make the right decision by going to this program. You see, I struggled with addiction for almost 10 years and finally my family convinced me to go to rehab. But the problem was that for the next few years I was in and out of various rehabs. Always either getting kicked out for relapsing or relapsing right after completion and back into another one.. wasting so much time and my parents money in and out of rehabs all just to relapse and end up right back where I started. Finally one day my Dad approached me and told me he found a good rehab in California and asked me if I would go. I was reluctant to go because by this time I was feeling hopeless and I was afraid I would just waste more time and money and end up in failure, but after much convincing I finally agreed to go. Now I realize it was the best decision of my life! You see, one of the main problems I was having with all the prior rehabs was they were just the wrong types of rehabs! Most of them were short, low budget, unstructured, low quality type rehabs. Fresh start was different in so many ways! The program made so much sense, and the staff were amazing. Not only was I able to get clean and sober, but the program helped me to grow and become myself again, the person I was before the addiction. They helped me to work on and repair all aspects of my life. Thanks to the Fresh Start Program I have completely turned my life around. I am now married with a beautiful family, and have a successful career. Just about everyone else I met while going through the program (many of whom I still talk to from time to time) all had a similar story of success like mine. If you're thinking about going to rehab and you're considering the Fresh Start Program, I hope you make the right decision and just go. It will be the best decision you ever make. Hope this helps!

-Bryan E

Going to Fresh Start was the greatest decision of my life. All of the blessings I have in my life today came about because I went to Fresh Start for my addiction to drugs and alcohol. I was a great kid by all accounts. I was a good person, a good son and a trust worthy person in my youth. I guess you could say, I was a normal garden variety kid.

That all changed quickly as I began to hang out with people that drank, smoked weed and partied regularly. It all seemed fun at the time even though from the start I was getting into trouble at home and school, which had never happened prior to my drug and alcohol use.

I am sure that any addict reading this knows what happened over time as I continued to party routinely. I graduated to narcotics and eventually became a degenerate heroin addict that was not worth the air I was breathing or the space I was taking up in this world. Funny how someone could be born into this world so good could become a hideous disappointment to themselves and to all of the people that love them, but that is exactly what happens because of my drug use.

My parents sent me to many places to get help, 4 psychiatric facilities and 6 long term residential group support programs but I found that the methods at these facilities were not useful to me because they were not based on permanently resolving my addiction problem and getting me back to the person I once was. In fact it was just the opposite I was told that I had an incurable disease and that there was no known "permanent" solution and that for the rest of my life I would have to fight everyday to stay clean. I decided that I could not stand to live that way for the rest of my life, that if I could not be normal again I would rather not be alive.

I was sitting in a jail cell for the umpteenth time, looking at doing a few years when my mom and sister spoke with Fresh Start. As my mom and sister listened to how the program worked, they realized immediately that this is what we had all been looking for. They also said realized they had never felt so much interest and care from any previous treatment programs they had spoken with. They helped my mom and sister put together a plan on how to get me out of jail and into their program. My mom and sister did exactly as they were instructed and got me on a plane to Fresh Start.

From the moment I arrived I had never experienced the care and love that I felt from the Fresh Start Staff outside of my immediate family. Claudia, the intake counselor said "I heard you are a wonderful and amazing person" I was stunned and said "I used to be but that was a long time ago" then she said "that guy is still there, you made a mistake that can be fixed completely and if you do everything that we ask of you and apply the things that we teach you to your life you will no longer feel any need to ever need drugs again.

They got me off all drugs which was the first time that any program had done that, the other programs put me on more drugs, psychiatric drugs, methadone and others. They then put me through their body cleansing process which was amazing. Getting me through withdrawal and the body cleansing program took about 5 weeks. I was "back home" normal for the first time in almost a decade. I could not believe how clear and sharp my mind was working again, I had my wits back!! Next they taught me, how to "over time" fix my relationships with my loved one's and regain the trust I once had, they taught me life skills and coping skills that have been invaluable for the many years of my drug free life. I use theses skills everyday to accomplish my daily and long term goals. Going to Fresh Start was the most important event of my life. It was a miracle.

I can never repay what Fresh Start did for me back then but I try everyday by helping people in need when they come to me.

Thank you, to all the incredible caring, loving staff at Fresh Start for saving my life and bringing happiness to my family in the process. I also thank God for answering my prayers to "Get Back Home".

-Larry T

Making the decision to come to Fresh Start was one of the best choices I've ever made for my life.

Back when I was 15 years old I had a knee surgery where I was prescribed painkiller, over a few weeks I realized that if you took a few more then prescribed life seemed alot easier. This was the beginning of the end for me, I started stealing my parents prescription painkiller, I began having issues at school and started going out every weekend to party. My opiate addiction continued well into adulthood only progressively getting worse and worse but still maintaining functionality in life or so I thought until the pills got to expensive and I discovered heroin was cheaper and got you higher. This begun my heroin and meth addiction, this continued on until I lost everything including watching my mother die from cancer and barely being present for it, and watching my brother make the same mistakes as myself landing himself in prison. This is when i finally decided I needed to make a change.

When I first came to Fresh Start i was in rough shape, but when the help of that staff who all understood what I had been through and could relate and guide me, life started to become a little easier. The program helped me tremendously, it was logical and made sense even though at moment it was tough. It helped me come to alot of realizations about myself and why my addiction begun in the first place. I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the help and support of the Fresh Start Program.

-Stephy S

Almost 2 years ago, after being released from jail in my hometown in Florida, I made the decision to finally begin my road to recovery with Fresh Start.

It starts off the same way as anyone's story really... Drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana with my friends in middle school. However, I soon started experimenting with Xanax, Cocaine and different hallucinogens like Ecstasy and Mushrooms. It then escalated, somehow, very quickly, to being totally dependent on any and all pain pills, like Roxys, Oxycodone, Dilaudid, Morphine, etc. Jump ahead a few more years later... I was then using Heroin and Crystal Meth. Every day. For Years. And really anything else that I could find in between.

I graduated high school with my AA degree, went to college, worked as a Medical Assistant and many other jobs in the healthcare/medical field. I even traveled, moved around to different states, working in National Parks and famous locations across our country to save money.... All while being a full blown drug addict behind closed doors. I guess I was what some call a "functioning addict." I hid my addiction from my family, from my coworkers. I always seemed to find the people I knew I should've stayed away from when I moved to a new place to "start over."

My last arrest led to me losing my nursing licenses, my drivers license, house, car, savings, everything...gone. My family was sick and tired of all of the drama and were coming to the realization of the true reason as to why I had so many "issues" like I did... Why pure chaos seemed to follow me everywhere. I had nothing to show for all of the hard work and things that I had accomplished and I, at some point, let go of the dreams I had for myself. Frankly, I didn't really care anymore. I really did give up. No ambition, no goals. I lost all of my integrity. I was ashamed. I didn't know how to ask for help. I hid behind a wall of lies that I built higher and higher every single day for 10+ years during my drug and alcohol addiction. All I knew anymore was to keep doing what I thought was all I knew how to do best.

Looking back now, I can't even believe that chaotic, selfish, difficult person was ME. My addiction made my life so exhausting. My past did make me who I am today, but I am so thankful to be able to leave it all in the past for good and live happily and honestly for today and for my future. I thank God every day that my family found Fresh Start and convinced me to go by telling me that I had no other options.

By going to Fresh Start, I was able to get healthy again and feel better than I honestly can ever even remember feeling. I was able to regain my confidence and self worth, relearn very basic life skills that I simply just stopped doing. I learned how to deal with stress and life in a smarter, calmer, constructive way. I forgave myself. I earned my family's trust back and I am now sober and very proud of myself.

It was difficult at some points, I did have some bumps along the way... but I assume it has been hard and will be hard for anyone in the same situation- having to go away from home and everyone and everything they know, to go work on themselves, every single day and really dig deep to figure it all out.

I also assume It's probably extremely onerous to some wondering "who to trust, where to go, who's going to help the most, where is safe or what is really going to help solve my or my loved one's addiction, etc...."

For what it's worth, I truly, 100%, believe that Fresh Start is the best. Fresh Start saved my life. It also saved my younger brother's life who had his own struggles. I'm me again... or a better version of me, and still working hard and learning something new every day.

I will forever be grateful to Fresh Start.

-Kelsey P

Throughout my years of growing up i was always very successful and strived to do great things. As I got older my addiction started spiraled out of control. What started off as drinking on the weekends or smoking weed when it was available turned into doing whatever drugs or alcohol were in my sight. After some time I tried to do more of a drug or do harder drugs the numb the mental pain that comes with being on drugs. I thought that if I just did more or found something harder than I may be able to forget about the damage that I have caused myself and all of my loved ones. I was wrong. I ended up on the streets strung out on meth and heroin. I lost my family, my job, the good people in my life, and most of all myself. I wanted the help but didn't know exactly how to get myself out of the mess I put myself in until my mother found Fresh Start Programs. I arrived at Fresh Start broken down, ragged, and lost. The staff here welcomed me with open arms and made it very easy for me to transition into the new environment. They made my withdrawal smooth and easy without substituting the drugs with medications. They were very uplifting throughout my stay. They showed that they genuinely care about you which is hard to come by when looking for a rehab and they are very easy to relate to. For being my first rehab they made it to where it wasn't scary and I could actually be comfortable. I learned a lot of skills throughout my program that have helped aid in my success with long term sobriety. I have reconnected with my family and am now open and honest with them. I have a healthy relationship with my mother. I feel like myself again for the first time since I was thirteen. I laugh and have the energy to be active now. I truly feel like a whole new person and I can't thank Fresh Start enough for getting me back to this point.

-Panda H