Drug Education

Tony Bylsma - Director or Drug EducationOur purpose and mission here is to help individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction by providing the most effective drug and alcohol treatment in the addiction services field, and by lowering the incidence of addiction by preventing youth from starting down the path of drug abuse.

Ignorance is a dangerous thing and this is never truer than in the area of drug abuse. Our children are often taught to be safe around busy streets, to be careful with sharp objects and how to be aware of the many other threats that they may face in life. But drug abuse and addiction are one of the most prevalent dangers in our society and yet drug education is seldom addressed with the emphasis that it deserves.

Our drug educators are registered addiction specialists and as such, they are uniquely qualified to inform and warn students, parents and others about the traps of drug abuse and addiction. Nothing would please us more than to completely empty our residential treatment facilities by preventing the problem before it starts.

Most of our presenters have many years of experience as counselors and some have recovered from their own addictions decades ago. This first-hand experience lends credibility to their presentations.

Without relying on simple scare-tactics, the tragic consequences of drug abuse are discussed and strategies to avoid them are offered. Myths regarding drugs that are constantly being popularized in media and current culture are exposed as the lies they are, arming students with the facts.

Our drug educators have delivered drug education to over 600,000 students, empowering each one with the information they need to win the battle against drug addiction and stay drug free!

Drug Education Videos