Keys to Success

Why Our Treatment Program Works

There are many reasons why our treatment program is successful in treating addiction year after year and why the program's methods have consistently helped those addicted to drugs and alcohol since 1972. These Keys to Success have withstood the test of time. They were adopted and put in place for only one reason: to free the addicted person and family from the trap of addiction and to reform the program participant back into a drug and alcohol free contributing member of society.

Nonprofit Centers & Time-Variable Programs

The first key factor is we are a nonprofit 501c3 organization and is set up solely with the intentions and objectives to help individuals and families turn their lives around. It is also a time-variable program, meaning that our fee is one flat rate instead of rates that are dependent upon the length of time of the program. Our program's clients graduate when they have completed every step of our recovery process and the time it takes to totally complete the program may vary from client to client. Generally, our program duration is approximately three months, but some program participants may take longer.

Non-Traditional Approach to Treatment

Our program is not based on group therapy or the 12 Step method. We treat each individual's addiction problems and areas that need improvement while they are in treatment, and we give them life skills that they can apply both in the program and when they return home. We have teams of Course Supervisors, Case Supervisors, Registered Addiction Specialists and Service Consultants that work with each program participant on a rigorous schedule to handle their particular and specific issues and needs.

Secluded and Distraction Free Locations

Another key to the success of our program is that our treatment facilities are relatively secluded distraction-free environments and locations. It has been found that if the program participant is removed and is away from all negative influences and cannot become distracted by other family members, friends or drug influences, the individual can start to confront their situation and begin the addiction recovery process. This point is one that should not be overlooked because a major part of successful treatment depends on having a safe, distraction-free environment in which to recover.

Exclusive Drug Detoxification

Many would consider our Detoxification Program the cornerstone to our addiction treatment methodology and a crucial component to our program's success. Drugs and alcohol that enter the body are metabolized by it as toxins, leaving drug residuals which may continue causing drug cravings at a physical level long after the addict has stopped using drugs. What would take the addicted person's body years to process and get rid of, potentially triggering multiple relapses, can be handled with our Detoxification program, which can accelerate the body's natural detoxification process. Please click here to see the our Detoxification video.

Proven Life Skills Addiction Recovery Technology

To live a successful and drug-free life requires a definite set of skills. Through a specific sequence of educational Life Skills courses and professional guidance, program participants have their own realizations, which bring about changes in their behavior. These courses are training manuals for life. They are designed to help individuals increase their awareness and abilities so they can properly identify and overcome the problems that are perpetuating their addiction. They learn how to skillfully communicate, confront problems, exhibit self-control, choose their friends more wisely and make ethical choices, which can enhance survival in life. This section finishes by educating the participant on the proper steps needed to move up from a low condition in life and into a better, more successful state of existence. Please click here to see the Life Skills video.

Program Success and Return Program Guarantee

The above keys to success allow us to produce hundreds of drug-free contributing members of society year after year which is the main purpose of our treatment program. We have one of the most effective programs in the drug and alcohol addiction treatment field, which is why we are one of the only programs that can express our commitment to accomplishing sustained recovery with a return program guarantee -- Any program participant who relapses within 6 months after graduating our program may be eligible to return for a free review treatment program. For further details and eligibility requirements, please click here.